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Website Design & Developement That Drives Business

My clients love working with me!  That's right, I said it because it's true and I am trying to solicit a phone call or email from you so we can do some work together.  

I am a one man show, self taught entrepreneur working out of my home in Nottingham NH. I have worked with all sorts of small business owners from collision centers, bed & breakfasts, to all the major tree service and landscaping companies.  I stay up to date on all the proper ways to optimise and structure your future site for maximum local and or national exposure while at the same time ALWAYS working withing Googles strict standards.   I provide ongoing training along with tips and tricks to get your site searching and customers converting.  As they say, "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" which is how I work with my customers who want to learn how to work their site.  The majority of my clients do not have time nor the interest which is where I come in as well.  I will take care of everything from hosting to ongoing updates and assistance in marketing your company which makes a win / win working situation.

The majority of my clients have friends or family who "build websites" which is awesome!  But anybody can "build" a website.  The question to ask yourself is "Is saving a few hundred dollars worth missing out on 10's of thousands of dollars in missed revenue?".  My answer to that is go for it and then feel free to call me to convert that website into a lead generating business tool once you realize that nothing has changed by having your nephew or son "revamp" your site.   To put it in layman terms, I will provide your company with an online presence which Google and all the major search engines just simply adore.  

My sites and services are affordable!  I have built quite the nice steady stream of residual income from my own personal websites which are niche marketed in the wood pellet and heating industry so I don't need to "gouge" my clients with bloated price tags.  90% of my clients have $1500 or less for amazing sites.  Small business owners are not looking to split the atom with a website.  My goal is to create a website for your business that drives new and existing customers through your door or blow up your phone with calls for new services. 

I create your website using either WordPress or JOOMLA CMS.  These sites are easy to edit and I show you how.  If you know how to send an email or log into facebook then you will have no problem making edits to your own site.  Your new website will be mobile ready and responsive which Google pretty much demands these days.  I offer multiple hosting options for your new site which takes the guess work out of "hosting" your site.




Just a handful of examples

  • Granite State Insurance
  • Simmons & Ortlieb PLLC
  • Corliss Landscaping
  • Waterscapes Of New England
  • Stuttgart-Northeast
  • RBG-Inc.
  • Pellets n Stoves
  • Show Salons
  • Wood Pellet Pricing Heating BBQ Wood Pellet Prices
  • TFW - Long Island
  • Massachusetts Cannabis – Marijuana Cultivation Consulting GYO – Massachusetts Cannabis – Marijuana Cultivation Consulting GYO
  • BBQ Pellet Grill Reviews The Best Worst Pellet Grills Reviews
  • Thompshon Law Offices
  • Smoke Daddy
  • Robert Green Roofing
  • Portsmouth Harbor Inn & Spa
  • Perpetual Harvest
  • On The Edge - Documentary
  • NH ATV Club Site
  • Mt. Tom Energy
  • mcguinnesse
  • Mayer Tree Service Company
  • Make A Difference Landscaping
  • lynch-landscape
  • landwright
  • garage-doors
  • brodies-pub
  • brick-ends


Key Benefits of working with High Effect Web Design

Differentiation is what sets my services apart from other website design companies:

  Small individual marketing company.
  Your success is my concern and passion.  
  2 clients / month is about all I work with so you get kit glove treatment.
  All round certified google,seo, WordPress, JOOMLA expert.
  Your referrals is how I generate business so the happier you are, the happier I am!
  Affordable high end websites other companies charge $3,000 or more for.
  Fantastic eCommerce solutions which will not break the bank.